Video Coaching

Can't make it to an AgilityNerd seminar or class?

Try video coaching! It is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Shoot video of a practice session, some drills, or a competition run, and share the video with me.
  2. Tell me what issues you'd like me to focus on in your video.
  3. I send you back a "marked up" version of your video with my suggestions and some "homework" for you to focus on to help you improve.

Want to work on a handling skill and don't have a course in mind? Tell me the skill and I'll find a sequence for you!

No subscriptions, no class courses, and no fixed schedule. Just the two of us working on your handling when you need it.

Here's an example of a "Public Analysis":

Two Options

As you probably know, I encourage sharing agility knowledge and experiences, so I've set up my video coaching to encourage you to share your video training with others!

So you have two choices:

Public Analysis

I share the marked up video with the agility community via the AgilityNerd YouTube channel. I may use it and parts of our email conversations in future blog posts.


Private Analysis

I only share the marked up video only with you and we both agree to not share the video or our correspondence in any way without consent.

$ 29.00

In either the Public or Private analysis I'll give you some "homework" to work on. Of course I'm available for reasonable additional help/questions afterwards! If you want to shoot more video and get more feedback just sign up for another coaching session whenever is convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I buying?

What you are buying is around 20 minutes of my time applying my experience to your video(s). I'll review the material you send me (emails, videos, course maps) and then turn that into a video analysis that I send back to you. And, of course, you can also ask me follow up questions to help understand my suggestions.

How much video to send?

As you can see from the analysis linked above, about a minute of video produced a 6 minute analysis. To do that analysis I looked at the video multiple times along with three other videos before I recorded the analysis. All together I spent over 15 minutes creating that analysis.

The amount of video to send depends on the type of analysis you want performed. If you want me to look at how you handled some competition courses - send me video of, say up to four runs, and I can critique your handling on those courses. Alternately you could send me two course maps and two videos and I could critique your strategy and handling for running the course and your handling.

I will focus on the areas that you ask me to look at - otherwise I'll focus on what I see as the areas in which I can make the biggest impact on your handling.

Another option is to send me multiple videos as background information and then ask me to critique your handling/issue in detail on one or two of those videos.

I'm sorry this isn't a "Cut and Dried" kind of thing. I want to help you be a better handler and marking up a lot of video usually isn't required. As handlers and trainers we often make similar types of mistakes and I usually only need to clarify what is going wrong a couple times and you'll get it!

If I have confused you or you have any questions please send me an email: and we can work out the details of what to send!

How many dogs can I include?

Only video of a single dog can be used for each analysis.

How soon do I get my analysis?

I will try very hard to return your analysis within one week of receiving your video. If there are a lot of videos ahead of yours or I anticipate a longer delay I will contact you.

How do I share my video?

I use the free Dropbox for us to share videos with each other.